Investment Services

At LA Dwelling we specialize in the following services for properties:

We typically have THREE types of Investors:

1. Homeowner

We help individuals locate, purchase and transform a fixer-upper into their ultimate dream home

2. Flipper

Similar to "Homeowner" but these properties are usually more extreme fixer-uppers. Once the project is finished the property is sold at a profit.

3. Income

This is for the investor who wants to acquire a property to renovate and then lease or rent.

Are you interested in becoming one of our Syndicate Investors?

We are seeking opportunities for investors that may want to join our investment team as part of a Real Estate Syndicate. For more information contact Leslie at 213-804-2918 or

What is a Syndicate?

A Syndicate is a group of 10 or more investors who purchase real estate as a group. They may share the profits base off of initial investments, or they may own a percentage of the property. It is run by a Syndicate Manager or Partner who oversees the real estate purchases and sales for and on behalf of the Syndicate.